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Year End Standings

Points 2014 BFA
July 17, 2014

WC Finals

2014 World Championship Barrel Futurity

Show Schedule

December 8th- Monday

12:00 pm-9:00 pm     Move-In begins- Stalls Available- No one is allowed in the stalls before noon, There will be NO one allowed to set up tack stalls or move in before Monday, this will be enforced! Violators will be subject to a $500.00 fine. Check-in and numbering in barn 7. You must present original copy of registration papers, health papers (within 30 days) and Negative Coggins (within 12 months). Note: Check-in will also be open Saturday morning for Youth horses ONLY.

***$uper$takes Riders have to be named at check-in.*

2:00 pm/3:00 pm*       Futurity & Juvenile Exhibitions- Please note the time. Depending on the readiness of the arena, the exhibitions will start between *2pm & 3pm. Futurity & Juvenile may have 1 exhibition each. You MUST have your horses numbered; exhibitions will run in order of your draw and will run back thru numbers one time to pick up anyone that missed theirs on the 1st round. THERE WILL BE A 45 SECOND TIME LIMIT ON YOUR EXHIBITION. There will be a $100.00 fine Payable immediately for those who exceed time limit.

December 9th-Tuesday

7:00 am-8:30 am       $uper$takes Horses arena time. (7am-7:45am 1st session 1-28 and 7:45- 8:30am 2nd session29-55)

9:00 am  Futurity 1st go Round

9:30 am  $uper$takes: Running order will be drawn in BFA office. Owner or rider (or representative) needs to be present to draw.

6:00 pm  $uper$takes

***  Derby:       (*30 minutes after $uper$takes)

December 10th-Wednesday

8:00 am   Open 4D


4:00 pm    General Membership Meeting (Conference Room next to BFA Office)

6:00 pm  Church Services(Conference Room next to BFA Office)

December 11th-Thursday      

8:00 am   Futurity 2nd Go Round (reverse order)

Derby 2nd Go Round     (reverse order)

5:00 pm   Horse Sale Demonstrations (Barn 6 Arena)

December 12th-Friday

8:00 am      Juvenile 2nd Go Round (reverse order)

5:00 pm       Horse Sale (Barn 3)

December 13th -Saturday

9:00 am                       Open 4D 2nd Go

10:00 am-12:00pm    Juniors Check-in (Barn 1 Warm Up Arena)

2pm *   Junior Barrel Race (*Will Follow Open 4D but will not start before 2pm)

5:30 pm   Future Fortunes Awards Presentations

6pm  Opening Ceremony

Youth Futurity Riders (Top 5) (18 & under)

Futurity Amateur Short Go Round (Top 10)

Futurity Finals (50 fastest qualifying times)

Awards presentation to Futurity Champion and Reserve Futurity Champion

Derby Amateur Short Go Round (Top 5)

Derby Finals (20 fastest qualifying times)

Awards presentation to Derby Champion and Reserve Derby Champion

BFA Year End Awards

Recent News

  • Notices and Reminders

    2nd payments due Oct. 1 for the following BFA World Championship events:

    MVP Juvenile Futurity

    4-Star Derby

    Victory Farms 4D-limited to 200 entries

    Rock and Roll Junior Barrel Race-limited to 100 entries

    (Late entries accepted. $50 late fee per missed payment.)

    Notify and SUBMIT documentation to BFA office for the following BFA World Championship events:

    Jud Little Ranch Amateur Futurity Final (Amateur card: AQHA, ApHC, APHA)

    Sangreal Amateur Derby Final (Amateur card: AQHA)

    Gold Rush Junior Futurity Final (birth certificate)

    PBRIP/MVP Juvenile (must be enrolled in PBRIP through APHA. Confirm memberships and enrollment)

    BFA World Sale Graduate Exclusive (eligible horses must have gone through the sale ring of     the BFA World Sale. Must declare eligibility to be considered for bonus payoff-$5000/5 places,     fastest time from 2 gos)

    Schedule reminders:

    BFA World Sale will be Friday, December 12, 5 p.m., Barn 3

    2nd go of MVP Juvenile will be Friday, December 12

    2nd go of Victory Farms 4D will be Saturday morning, December 13

    Thank you to the following stallion owners/stallions for their support and sponsorship of the Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Program held in conjunction with MVP Juvenile Futurity. $5000/5 places paid in the average. Gist buckle presented to Champion. Must be APHA registered, enrolled in PBRIP, owner and rider APHA members.


    Entry blanks, schedule, other information bfaworld.com

  • 2015 Nominations Board Letter

    August 8, 2014 – 2015 Nomination Board Letter (pdf)

    Please nominate your choices up to 4. You must be a 2014 member.

    The top 6 will be placed on a ballot.
    Need at least 3 nominations to go on ballot.

    Nominations have to back in BFA Office by September 15th to be counted.

    Please print the 2015 Nominations Board Letter and mail to:
    Cindy Arnold
    Rt. 2 Box 120 K               
    Vian, Oklahoma 74962    

  • Sale Graduate Form

    August 8, 2014 – Sale Graduate Form (pdf)

  • Welcome to the NEW Barrel Futurities Website!

    Exciting News for the BFA World Championship:

    $30,000 ADDED MVP Juvenile Futurity-an increase of $10,000 with NO additional entry fees.  First payment due September 1st, 2014.

    $20,000 ADDED 4-STAR Derby-The richest 2-run/final Derby in the Nation! 5 yr. Old futurity horses are eligible as well as Future Fortunes 5 yr. Olds. First Payment due Sept. 1st, 2014.

    $5,000 Gold Rush Junior Futurity Final-sponsored by Gold Rush Syndicate, this event is for contestants 18 yrs. and younger at time of competition.  Must compete in BFA Futurity. Top five junior contestants who do not qualify for BFA Futurity Final are eligible.

    $5,000 BFA World Sale Graduate Exclusive-All horses who have gone through the BFA World Sale sale ring and compete in the BFA World Championship Futurity are eligible.  Owner must notify BFA Secretary of eligibility with entry so that entry can be confirmed with sale results.  Four places paid on fastest time from two qualifying rounds.  40%, 30%, 20%, 10%.

    $5,000 Paint Barrel Race Incentive Program(PBRIP)-Contestants enrolled in PBRIP(www.apha.com),entered in the MVP Juvenile Futurity, and riding an APHA registered horse  are eligible for this incentive program. Five places paid on two-run average.  Gist buckle awarded to the Champion.

    $uper$takes-55 entries with an additional place paid(11 places).  6th through 10th will receive an additional $1,000, 11th place will receive $5,000.

    Schedule Changes:

    BFA World Sale will be held Friday, December 12, 2014 at 5 p.m. in Barn 3.

    Victory Farms 4D will be limited to 200 entries. 1st go-Wed., Dec. 10, followed by 1st go of MVP Juvenile Futurity.   2nd go-Sat. Dec. 13, followed by Rock & Roll Junior Barrel Race (100 entries). First payment due Sept. 1, 2014.

    The other events’ schedules remain the same.

    Browse the new site.  Contact BFA Directors with questions or comments. Rodney Glenn is the new BFA Board member.

    World Champions Start Here

  • Entry Due Dates

    Juvenile, Derby, Open & Jrs Entries are not due until Sept 1st, 2014.

    Entry Forms will be up later in the year.

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