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Ballot  B.F.A. Board For 2019

2018 $uper$takes Slot Horses Named
2018 Futurity Jr Rider Form
2018 Sale Graduate Form

2018 World $ale $takes Entry Form
2018 Open 4D Entry Form
2018 Junior Championship Entry Form

Big Time Futurity October 12-14, 2018

Circle G Arena Lewisburg, OH$5000.00 added

Contact info: 502-239-4000 or email

BFA Membership Application 2019

NOTE “Juvenile, Derby, Open 4D and Junior Entry Forms will be up by June 25th”
 1st Payment will be August 1st, 2nd Payment will be September 1st

Stall Grouping Request

World Champions Start Here

Chalee Gilliland Memorial Barrels & Bling Benefit

June 29th – July 1st,  2018
Chalee Gilliland Memorial Barrels & Bling Benefit
C Bar C Expo Center 
253 Stardust Road
Cloverdale, IN 46120
$5000.00 Added Futurity
$2500.00 Added Open
$1500.00 Added Youth Barrels
Futurity form  is NOT pre entry, but if you’d like to pay by check or PayPal you can use the form.